WOLL EDGE Bread Knife 25.5cm

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WOLL EDGE Bread Knife 25.5cm

Woll Edge Knives are a cut above. Utilising exceptional quality German steel, they are ergonomically designed and hold a perfect balance for any cutting job. Cut, slice and dice in style with this stunning new range of Woll knives.

Loaves of bread require a special knife to help cut through them. Because a knife with a flat edge would squash the bread downward as you cut it, a knife with a serrated edge is needed to saw through the bread. The fine serrated edge this knife will also work exceptionally well on chocolate, cakes, melons and tomatoes.  

Key features

  • Bread knife
  • 25.5 cm
  • German steel
  • Skilfully honed by hand
  • Ice hardened
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Perfectly balanced