Woll Titanium Nowo - For Gas, Ceramic or Electric

Every item in the nowo Titanium series is individually hand cast in Germany. We then apply an extremely hard aluminium titanium oxide treatment to the cookware surface using a highly complex procedure involving the use of a 20,000 °C plasma jet. The result is an extremely cut, abrasion-resistant, PFOA-free titanium hard-base coating with outstanding non-stick properties.

The manufacturing process is completed in cutting-edge production facilities, applying the highest possible environmental standards, using heat recirculation systems and CO2 emission
reduction measures. As our raw material we use only pure recycled aluminium
conforming to the highest EU standards.

Woll Induction Line - For Induction Cooktops

Induction Cooking is the newest technology in the modern day kitchen. You save time and energy and can prepare any meal, whether it be an everyday classic or a five-course gourmet dinner, much more easily than with older technologies.  In a newly developed process an induction bottom developed especially for WOLL is fitted edge-to-edge over the whole pan bottom. As a result, our pots and pans warm up extremely fast.   Even extremely high-energy heat flows are transferred directly onto the pan body without any heat congestion. WOLL induction products can absorb almost 100% of the energy provided by the induction hotplate upon which they are placed.

To put it in an nutshell: You cook more safely and economically – and produce better results.  And by the way; our Induction Line is also suitable for other cooker types, such as gas, electric, ceramic and halogen hobs.

Woll Concept Plus - Purposeful Pots (all cooktops)

The conceptplus pot series is the most innovative available in the market. It has properties and functions that have never been seen before in this category of products.  conceptplus pot lids have three sitting positions for multiple usage in the kitchen (sealed, sitting & pouring).   The multifunctional silicone strainer insert can be used in 8 different ways, which makes the concept plus stand out from the rest!

conceptplus is suitable for cooking using induction cooktops and regular gas, ceramic or electric cooktops and ovens. It is oven-proof up to 250 °C and dishwasher-proof.

How is Woll Cookware made...?
Where handcraft meets high tech...

The products are finished off with a sealing process carried out on our production line – the most modern line for applying such coatings in Europe. It combines the use of cutting-edge high tech with extremely low CO2 emissions.  We can proudly say the whole manufacturing process for our ranges of pans, including the application of protective coating, is entirely free of PFOA (perfluorooctanoates).

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All WOLL professional cast products are cast by hand from high-quality, pre-processed aluminium alloy using a variety of casting processes – without the use of electrical voltages and free of any harmful entrapped air.

After careful grinding and micro-fine trimming, we apply aluminium titanium oxides or diamond crystals to the cookware surfaces using a highly complex procedure involving the use of a 20,000 °C plasma jet. The result is an extremely cut-resistant product.

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Norbert Woll GmbH produces first-class products that make it easy for you to cook, roast and bake more creatively using modern methods. Whether you're a single with a delicate palate, a cordon bleu family or a gourmet couple, you'll find the set of cookware that perfectly fits your tastebuds and your lifestyle.

Every made in Germany" WOLL
product that we manufacture is
produced to precision standards
following an exclusive design
and has been treated with a
special protective coating.

Each piece marries traditional highly skilled handicraft to the latest in innovative technology.

Since as far back as 1979 our family firm has been making products worthy of Germany's reputation for quality – products that bring inspiration and enjoyment to the art of cooking. Customers in more than 40 countries currently depend on us for their cooking pleasure.

Creating quality cookware since 1979...

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Detailed specifications

Woll Nowo Titanium Specifications
Woll Induction Line Cookware
Woll Cookware Specifications - Concept Plus

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Key Features:

  • The hardiest non-stick surface you'll ever find!
  • Detachable or Oven Proof handles (up to 250°C...you'll never cook that hot)
  • Can handle very high temperature cooking...all the way up to 450°C.
  • Every item is designed so it can be used on top of the stove, in the oven...or the BBQ!
  • 25 Year Warranty*
  • Oven proof / shatter-safe lid
  • Easy to clean - they're even Diswasher-safe!
  • You can use metal, wooden, silicone or plastic ustensils
  • Made in Germany

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