About Us

For Norbert Woll GmbH “Made in Germany” is a commitment to Germany and to the art of German engineering. Since 1979 our ownermanaged business have produced professional-quality, cast aluminium cookware, for the most exacting demands. We combine traditional craftsmanship with innovative technology. Each item is handmade, in Germany, in a process far removed from anonymous mass production techniques. WOLL partners can rely on the outstanding quality of our products, as well as on our close co-operation and the many extra measures we take to ensure success at the point of sale. Customers from all over the world value the products that we manufacture and it is your enthusiasm for our professional cast aluminium products, your untiring commitment and your loyalty that make us successful as a team in over 45 countries. We and our employees are particularly proud of this successful teamwork.  Show Television Ltd are proud to be the one and only importer and distributor of German made Woll Cookware for New Zealand, if you would like to stock Woll instore please contact us through our contact page, or if you have any inquiries about Woll please fill out the form on the contact us page and we will get back to you, alternatively you can call us on 0800 629 627. 



What is a master chef who dreams of the perfect frying pan to do? Well, Norbert Woll simply developed it himself! Norbert Woll began selling cookware in 1974 and founded Norbert Woll GmbH in 1979. WOLL presented its first cookware, manufactured using its original aluminium permanent mould casting technique in 1983. It is this technique that, 30 years later, still makes the WOLL “Made in Germany” frying pans, pots and casseroles unique in terms of quality and cooking results.



"WOLL professional cast products” are now a by-word for first-class quality, long-lasting non-stick coatings, tasteful design and the best possible cooking results. A large number of patents and innovations on features as the WOLL removable handles, the high-tech production methods and specialised handcraft make WOLL products unique in terms of quality, reliability, design and functionality. WOLL is determined to continue on the successful path it has been following up to now, not only in terms of the products it makes, but also in terms of its sales activities. Seethe below map to see all the countries Woll Cookware is currently sold...German engineering at it's best!