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Thanks to the high quality non-stick coating you only need hot water and a little detergent after every use, and everything will be sparkling clean as quick as a flash. But all WOLL professional cast products are also dishwasher-proof. 

Our recommendation for cleaning method is to drizzle dishwashing liquid directly on to pan surface and then use a dish brush to create a lather of soap as you fully clean the surface. Cleaning in this manner is important to make sure you remove any natural fats or oil buildup from food. If not cleaned correctly it can cause discolouration and over time a burnt layer can build up which can harm the performance of the non stick surface. 


Depending on what you are cooking, choose an oil or fat which will withstand the desired cooking temperature. Fats and oils have different levels of stability when heated; we also talk about the smoke point, in other words the temperature at which the fat starts to burn, which becomes apparent as smoke develops.

When cooking at high temperatures, for example for searing meat or when preparing vegetables in a wok, then cooking fats and oils with a high smoke point are especially recommended:

- Refined safflower oil (smoke point 266 °C)refined and often also referred to as “pure” olive oil (smoke point 242 °C)

- Refined colza oil – also strongly recommended by nutritionists (smoke point 240 °C)

- Refined sunflower, coconut, corn, soya or groundnut oil (220 – 230 °C)

- Palm kernel oil (220 °C)

For gentle roasting, for example for fish or chicken breasts, or for preparing pan-roasted dishes such as roast potatoes or breaded dishes, the most suitable fats or oils are:

- Grape seed oil (190 – 210 °C)

- Concentrated butter (clarified butter; up to 205 °C)

- Extra virgin olive oil (up to 190 °C)

Butter and margarine can tolerate heat of around 160 °C and are often used in the preparation of egg and flour-based or breaded dishes, or for gently sweating vegetables.

Diet fats and diet margarines, spray baking oils, and most virgin or cold-pressed oils (such as virgin safflower or sunflower oil) are generally not suitable for frying! Always take note of the manufacturer’s information on the packaging.


Due to the highly resistant WOLL coating you can use all your kitchen utensils without any problems, whether they are made of wood, plastic or even metal. Or why not use our practical WOLL silicone utensils – they are highly heat-resistant, very easy to clean, hygienic and also further extend the life of our products.


WOLL professional cast products are robust and hardwearing. The patented hard-base coating makes the frying surface extremely resistant to cutting and abrasion. If small scratch marks should appear on the surface, the product can still be used without any concerns – and without affecting its cooking and frying properties or your health. WOLL professional cast products are PFOA-free.


WOLL professional cast products are just right for cooking with induction too. When you cook with WOLL induction cookware, a strong magnetic field is created directly in the induction base which covers the entire area of the pan. So the heat is produced exactly where it is needed and is evenly distributed.

Which means: You save energy and can heat up your food even faster and more accurately. Dirt on the hob around the WOLL professional cast products can easily be removed as this area remains almost cold.

But watch out: Induction hobs are often equipped with magnetic field sensors around the edge, which detect whether the pots and pans are suitable for induction. The diameter of the cooking area should therefore correspond to the size of the base of your cookware. Otherwise this will not be recognized as suitable for induction cooking. To avoid damaging your induction hob, always lift WOLL professional cast products when moving them.


When moving WOLL professional cast products around on ceramic hobs, small particles of dirt in between the aluminium base and the hob can scratch the base of the pan and the ceramic hob. Unfortunately we are unable to accept any liability for these. You should therefore always lift WOLL professional cast products when moving them.


When empty, WOLL professional cast products reach a temperature of up to 300° C (570°F) in just three minutes when you use the highest heat setting.

- Reduce the heat in good time so as to obtain healthy and tasty cooking results.

- If the temperature is too high, cooking oils and fats can burn very quickly and also leave so-called tar resins on the surface of the pan, which under some circumstances can not be removed and will damage the non-stick properties.

This is how you heat up your WOLL professional cast product correctly when frying with fat or oil or when baking:

- Heat up your WOLL professional cast product briefly while empty using the highest heat setting. The high-quality cast base heats up very quickly and evenly.

- Turn down to the required temperature and add fat or oil and the food to be fried. (See TIP 3)

- Do the wooden spoon test in order to see whether the fat or oil is at the right temperature - put the handle of a dry wooden spoon into the fat. If small bubbles form around it then the fat is hot enough. It should not start to smoke as this is the point at which it can catch fire!

The high-quality non-stick coating on WOLL professional cast products makes them best suited to fat free frying of, for example, meat:

- When fat free frying meat, your WOLL professional cast products should be heated up for approx. 2 1/2 minutes at maximum power.

- The temperature can be tested by means of the so called drop test: wet your finger and flick a couple of droplets of water into the WOLL professional cast product – if it spits, the WOLL professional cast product is too hot.

- Now reduce the temperature by about 30 %. Please ensure meat is at room temperature.

- Now, put the meat into the WOLL professional cast product – it will stick slightly at first.Turn it when it loosens slightly from the base and seal the other side quickly, too.

- Fry the meat until your personal preference is achieved. 

Rare – using the so called thumb test, no resistance should be felt; Medium – slight resistance is felt; Well done – hardly any movement at all should be felt.

- After frying place the meat into a pre-heated oven at 90 °C for approximately 5 minutes.


In a WOLL professional cast product the heat is distributed and stored particularly well – which means you can keep the temperature turned down and make great energy savings while cooking. For example, you will use 1/3 less energy than when using traditional cast iron pans.

Energy-saving tips:

- Use a WOLL professional cast product whose base is the right diameter for the hotplate. Hotplates which are too large consume unnecessary energy. The high quality and good heat conductivity of the WOLL thermo-base mean that even with smaller hotplates the heat is evenly distributed – even with square pans or the oval fishpan!

- When using a gas hob, the diameter of the gas flame should never be larger than the diameter of the base of the WOLL professional cast product.

- Due to the especially thick WOLL thermo-base, food will stay warm for longer even when you have turned the hotplate off.

- Choose a pot size to suit the contents. Ideally a pot should be 2/3 full.

- Vegetables such as potatoes, carrots or cauliflower are best steamed without liquid or with only a little liquid, in a closed pot or casserole – this saves energy, is healthier and vegetables taste better. And the cooking time can be reduced by around 30 – 40 %.


Fill this halfway at most with fat so as to avoid being burned by fat foaming over. Caution: Do not overheat fat (max. fat temperature 180 °C). Do not use a lid.

Moulded handle:
For WOLL professional cast products with molded (cast) handles you should always use an oven glove, as due to their good heat conductivity these become hot.

Fixed handles, side handles and lid knobs: are oven-resistant up to 250°C (Logic series: fixed handles and lid knobs up to 220°C) and become hot in the oven. Use oven gloves.

Removable handles: The removable handles on WOLL professional cast products are not ovenproof. Should you wish to use your WOLL professional cast product in the oven the detachable handle should be removed first.